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  1. Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    I am taking delivery on a 2022 Ridgeline Black Edition in a week or two. I would like to put a Bedrug Full Liner in it and a hard cover such as the Undercover Flex on it. I really need to keep the bed dry. My questions are. Does anyone have a combo that really works well in terms of keeping the...
  2. Trading Post (Ridgeline-specific)
    Anyone interested in a used tailgate Bedrug for a 1st Gen? Will grab a picture this afternoon. $25 picked up in 18020 (Lehigh Valley, PA) or willing to ship if you cover the costs.
  3. 2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Any experience installing a bed rug complete liner in a truck with the in-bed audio system? Was there a noticeable impact on the sound quality?
1-3 of 3 Results