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  1. FL: For Sale - OEM BE Wheels (Updated)

    Trading Post
    * EDITED * Selling OEM Black Edition wheels from a 2019 Ridgeline. Approximately 22.5k miles on these wheels, lug nuts and center caps are included. There is a small blemish on one of the wheels, I have a zoomed in photo of it. Located at 32244, Jacksonville, FL. Local pickup only, $650...
  2. Solution Finish - Black

    Washing / Waxing / Detailing
    Since I can't find "Bondo 800 Restore Black" ANYWHERE... I went with "Solution Finish - Black" (stupid name) from I bought the kit, just because. If you have a spare microfiber wrapped sponge and a clean microfiber rag, you could probably just get the 1 oz. bottle. It doesn't sound...
  3. My Ridgeline Sport

    Image/Video Gallery
    So here is my 2014 Ridgeline Sport and I love this thing. People give me compliments all the time. She needs a bath right now. The only mod I have done to it was add an aftermarket stereo with bluetooth. I have vents shades, tinted windows and hood visor. I have a remote starter that has about a...
  4. Who will be the first to put the silhouette image as their avatar or sig?

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    First in the signature line. It's black, it's cool, it's sleek, it's sexy, it's avant garde, it's the Second Generation Ridgeline. It's time to ROC out with your sock out.
  5. Another plasti-dip success story

    1G Exterior
    got bored with the rims and decided to plati dip 'em black... i what can i say it was a success... if get bored with 'em i can just peel it off... great stuff!! preping was the only annoying part: tock the rims off the truck and washed then with soap n water then washed them with rubbing...
  6. Flat black bug shield

    1G Exterior
    So I bought westin/wade platinum series bug shield the other day and decided to modify it a bit before installing it. I sanded it down with 320 grit, then painted it with flat black exterior paint. Then I installed small bolts/nuts every 8" across the top to give it a more custom look. I...
  7. Old Rims get a New Look!

    1G Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I am looking to change the stock rims. I want to make them black and have a few designs that I came up with. Can you guys let me know what you think would look good on my 2007 RTL billet silver metallic ridgeline? That would be a great for your ideas. I plan to use plasti dip to give the old...
  8. spray the stock rims? oponions

    1G Exterior
    any opinions on spraying the stock rims.... wanted to spray them black... gonna sand them with a fine grit.. then prime them... then hit them with some black rustolian or something... didn't want to spend the money on powder coating... and trying to keep the cost low was my goal....
  9. what 6 hours will do to a dirty 06

    Washing / Waxing / Detailing
    I'm new to ROC as of today. I purchased a Ridgeline that was a bit under polished to say the least. I spent most of the day with claybar, scratch x, cleaner wax, regular wax, and finally a synthetic wax. My arms hurt, but the truck looked much better. The first picture is the day i got my...
  10. Advice on a choice of model

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    So I have been looking at all the models of RL's and comparing the differences before a purchase and was wanting to ask a few questions and see if anyone had any tips. 1. Is there any model either current or past that stands above the others for any specific reasons as far as modability or...
  11. Closest color to Amazon Green

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    My 16 year old son totaled my 2006 Amazon Green RTL Sunday. The worst part (since he is ok) is that green is no longer available. I have been unable to find a mocha or polished metal to look at. Everything around here is blue or cherry. In real life, which color is closest to the Amazon...