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  1. Damaged Rear Tail Light - Replacement Options

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    Just came back from a 3,300 mile road trip and did a full days detail getting all the bugs and mud off my 2018 RTL-E. Girlfriend took the shiny truck out to run errands yesterday. This morning, I noticed that my right rear tail light lens is cracked. Looks like someone took a rock and smashed it...
  2. CD/Stuck no GPS help

    1G Problems & Issues
    I went to eject a CD out of my 6 disc CD changer that is in the front dash of my Ridgeline and it didn't come and only makes the ping ping noise and it says Mechanical Error. I get that the Gear in the CD probably broke but was miffs me is now my Navi Screen is down and I can not get it to go...
  3. third brake light panel fell off!

    1G Exterior
    I've read posts about the third brake light panel making whistling noises, but not falling off. Last night on the freeway this whole panel blew completely off taking the brake light with it. I was going the speed limit of 75mph when it happened. I bought my RL used but with only 25k miles and in...
  4. Broken Glovebox Latch

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hi, recently my glovebox latch broke mysteriously. I was able to get it open and replace it. I thought I would make a YouTube vid about it incase anyone else has this problem. I searched the forum but there wasn't much help on this particular issue. Hope this helps...