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  1. Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Any recommendations on brush and/or grill guards for a 2022 Honda Ridgeline?
  2. Trading Post (Ridgeline-specific)
    -Rhino-Rack Universal Pioneer Platform Rack for Crossbars - Aluminum - 58" Long x 47" Wide $600 -Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars & Legs $435 -Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Awning - Roof Rack Mount - Bolt On - 49 Sq Ft $290 -Rhino-Rack J-Style Kayak Carrier - Folding - Universal Mount $170...
  3. 1G Accessories
    I am really wondering what type of bar to buy for my 2011 Ridgeline. I want something that looks aggressive but is also functional. Bull bars peak my interest and push/brush bars too but I'm wondering what's the best one or type to get that will allow me to mount a winch in the future and even...
  4. 1G Exterior
    Just installed a bull bar and KC lights. Does anyone have any ideas about mounting the front license plate? (Yes in NH it's mandatory to have front and back license plates) I have seen the bull bar license plate extender, but I was thinking about installing it to the left of the bill bar...
  5. 1G Accessories
    Can anybody out there recommend a mechanic in the southern NH area that I can go to have a bull bar with lights and side steps installed. Thanks
  6. Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions
    I've been searching for a bull bar for my 2014 RTL and so far the only one that supposedly fits (as confirmed by the manufacturer) is the Black Horse bull bar. Both Westin and Steelcraft said theirs will not fit my year/model vehicle, and I don't like the shape of the Aries bull bar. Has anyone...
  7. 1G Exterior
    Hey guys this is my first post. I just purchased a 2006 rtl two months ago and my hunter bull bar just came in the mail so i was wondering what lights have you guys used for this bar. I plan on just knocking out the bars and lights all at once thanks :act030:
  8. 1G Exterior
    Hello, I am a first-time poster - I have pretty much wrecked my front bumper (long story), and instead of buying a new one and getting it painted, I would prefer to just buy a Brush Guard or Bull Bar that will bolt onto the frame instead of onto the actual bumper. I am a college student, so...
  9. 1G Exterior
    Hi all, New 2011 Ridgeline owner. I recently bought a Westin Bull Bar and I'm about to get started on it. I saw a bunch of posts on here about others installing them, I wanted to know if anyone had any tips before I get started, I just finished reading through the directions and they could made...
  10. 1G Accessories
    so i was looking at a westin bull bar and a custom skid plate and wasnt sure if anyone knew if these products could be used together or if they used the same mounting points and took up too much room.
1-10 of 10 Results