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  1. My 3 year late ‘hey! Let me introduce myself!’

    Greetings & Introductions
    If anyone’s on any on the ridgeline Facebook groups you’ll already know me or my father as Jason gedge and Oxford, but I don’t come on here much, but for those of you who don’t know me, let me give you a little intro: THIS IS LONG My names Jason and I’m in Newfoundland Canada, and I’ve (as of...
  2. 2006 Built in Canada - Sold in States - Lives back in the North.

    2006 Built in Canada - Sold in States - Lives back in the North.

    Silver on Dark Grey all options Including Navigation. Recent Items completed to revitalize life into this 5 owner - 180 Mile / 288 Km original motor: New Rad Timing Belt Outer Tie Rod Front Control Arms Front Sway Bar Links Front Axles Brakes and Rotors LED mini 5 diode fogs added to front...
  3. FS: 2017 RTL Take-off Wheels (US and Canada shipping available)

    Trading Post
    FS: Ridgeline 2017 G2 RTL/RTL-T/RTL-E standard Honda wheels (Charcoal/Machined style) Set of four (4) take-offs from 2017 RTL-E that I purchased in April 2017. Truck-manufacture date: March 2017 Condition: ‘A’ near new/excellent - Mounted/dismounted once, lightly used less than 1000 miles...
  4. Canada Ridgeline Discussion - All AWD with no wiring harness

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    I have been researching the new Ridgeline in Canada, I am interested in the Touring model. It is quite different from the models in U.S., it seems to me all models in Canada are AWD. Also, it looks to me that none of them have trailer wiring harness installed (based on looking at the accessories...
  5. Didn't get what I was looking for, but ended up BETTER!

    Greetings & Introductions
    Newbie here... Searched long and hard for a '06 or '07 to buy with low mileage and a decent price... The did a 180 and scored on LEASEBUSTERS! found an '09 EXL-SR (RTL) with about 48K (km or 30000 mlies) Was able to work a deal with a lease takover that made sense to me and has a...