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  1. 2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Just received my '21 RTL-E and trying to figure out the best way to proceed. I paddle often and would also like to keep a tonneau cover for storage and security in the trunk. The OEM roof rack alone is pretty short distance between bars for a 14' boat and with the tonneau cover I don't see a way...
  2. 2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    I picked up a Vantech ladder rack (which I LOVE) recently. I wanted a way to load a canoe without tons of lifting, or scraping. You can buy rollers for this purpose, but they're often too expensive, or too small for a canoe, or they rust. My quick solution is: 3 feet of 4" PVC pipe cut in...
  3. Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Hi, I just picked up a 2020 Black Edition with a factory rack. I want to carry my kevlar canoe which is about 30 pounds. Has anyone used the Thule Portage or Yakima KeelOver canoe brackets with the factory rack and crossbars?
  4. 1G Exterior
    New RL owner here. Well had it for 1 week to the hour. I love it!!!!! I haven't found a decent picture of it so I'm wondering if anyone has or has seen the surf board carrier for the roof rack. It looks like it is just a "L" shaped bracket on both sides with slots for straps. If so I should...
1-4 of 4 Results