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  1. Tacoma Bed Rail Mod

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Wanted to post details on a mod I did to take the bed rail from a Tacoma and fit it to my 2G RL. Saw a few people just went with a strut channel, but I wanted to get something that would look a bit more like OEM. Also, I bought the cleats first and after doing a bit of digging found out that the...
  2. Recommendations for a cargo box?

    1G Accessories
    Greetings, Have an '08 RTS that I bought with the stock roof rack already installed. Plan on doing some off-road riding and towing dirt bikes this summer. Curious if anyone has recommendations for a cargo box? Especially a brand and model that's not crazy expensive? Thanks in advance, John
  3. Adding tie-downs

    1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Has anyone added additional tie-downs along the middle of the truck bed sides? I'd like to add a 'D' ring to the center along each side, probably inside the recessed section. If anyone has done this, I'd like some advice on how to attach it. Can I just use self-tapping screws or would they...
  4. Rugged Folding Tonneau Cover

    1G Exterior
    Hello, I went to my local truck/hitch store and saw a Rugged Folding Cover Folding Tonneau Cover, that it folds in three or four sections. It is the soft cover, price installed for my 08 $395.00 Does anybody have it installed in their...
  5. Truck Bed Waterproof Travel Bag

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Will be making very long road trip soon. Passenger cabin will be filled w/ dog and his support staff. Need to take dog's wire crate for use at hotels enroute and at final destination but it will be broken down in original packaging for transport. Thinking we could get a roof rack style cargo bag...