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  1. 1G Interior
    First time poster, this is a great forum I am interested in replacing my carpet after mouse invasion but am having a hard time finding pre cut carpet and I would do it myself, but there seems to be a 1 yard restriction from suppliers when buying per yard. I can find precut for Pilot and I was...
  2. First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    First, I'm brand new to the ROC, so please excuse any errors in my posts. We purchased a 2006 Ridgeline for my 16 year old son and within two weeks he decided to go muddin'. Trouble is, he didn't tell me water had gotten in the floorboards. I've had him shop vac a few times and I've had 3...
  3. 1G Interior
    I spilled three large pops in the passenger floor of my Ridge last night. Wet/dry vacuumed up and then rinsed with 8 rounds of a half quart water, followed by wet/dry vacuuming. I'm worried about what I missed, and if there's even a drain hole in the bottom, or if the remaining fluid will just...
  4. 1G Interior
    I was told by a friend that there's a spray for carpets that will 'seal' them so that if anything spills it won't go into the carpet. Anyone know what that's referring to or have advice on how to best keep the carpets in good shape? Thanks, Abdullah
  5. Trading Post
    I picked up WeatherTech mats for my RTL. Consequently these have never been out of the plastic - I pulled them from the box to shoot the images. Will ship FedEx ground insured with tracking. I thought about holding on to them until I sell my RTL but shoot I tend to hold on to my vehicles for...
1-5 of 5 Results