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check engine light

  1. Shift quality issues and warning lights

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    I had a weird chain of events happen Friday (and the week leading up to Friday too) on my 2017 RTL-E with 35, 125 miles on it. In the past week my dash flashed warnings for a split second 3 to 4 times. Friday afternoon my transmission developed a shudder on the 2nd to 3rd shift which I was...
  2. Engine light; what are these codes?

    1G Problems & Issues
    I just picked up a used 2010 Honda Ridgeline, automatic, V6, a couple weeks ago. It runs just fine, but every so often the engine light comes on and sometimes the 'D' (drive) light will flash. Transmission fluid seems fine. I ran it up to an AutoZone the last time the light came on, and the...
  3. 2009 Honda Ridgeline RT VSA, VTM-4, Check Engine, and Warning light on

    1G Problems & Issues
    My 2009 Honda Ridgeline RT occasionally displays the yellow Check engine, VTM-4, VSA and traction control warning diamond lights a few seconds after starting. All the lights turn on at once but there is no noticeable issues with the vehicle. No feeling of a misfire or steering issues. The lights...
  4. Battery draw & check engine light

    1G Problems & Issues
    In bought my 07 Honda Ridgeline a couple weeks ago. I had it for a few days, before something just drained the battery. I took it back to the same dealership and had it checked out. They said the alternator was fine and it was the battery. I had asked that the battery be replaced with a new one...
  5. VTM-4 and check engine light on after checking interior fuses

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, I was checking my interior fuses due to my drivers and passenger map lights both being out. I accidentally pulled the 7.5 amp backup fuse and upon doing so i hear this strange clicking sound that stopped when i replaced the fuse. After I put the fuse back in and turned on my car both...
  6. A/F Sensor 1 heater system malfunction (P0135) Help

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    I have a 06 Ridgeline with this error code (P0135) for the past few months im finally getting around to fixing it. The check engine light went out after driving in deep water. Is it easy to fix this on my own and save money? what parts do i need and how do i fix it....if anyones done this before...
  7. Sudden transmission weirdness

    1G Problems & Issues
    So it looks like its transmission problem season. First post and not mechanically inclined, so please bear with me. 2007 RTL with 137k miles Regular maintenance (though I am over due on the latest B126(?) due to work obligations). Driving home today with the family and noticed the CEL came on...
  8. Check engine light- catalytic converter or o2 sensors?

    1G Problems & Issues
    So my check engine light came on not too long ago and I took it to get it diagnosed and it came back with a p0420. Autozone said it was the o2 sensors but I didn't believe then hence I took it to get diagnosed at Hondoctors in Las Vegas and they said I needed to replace the two cats up front and...