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check engine

  1. BlueDriver - OBDII Scanner Tool $99

    1G Accessories
    I searched and didnt see anything come up in any of the forums (super odd) I was over at a local Napa cause a Check Engine lite popped up and this chic working there was like "let me grab my scanner, and then was like oh ya it would help to have my phone." I was like that thing is bluetooth...
  2. OBD Code P0304 (2006 Ridgeline)

    1G Problems & Issues
    About a week ago I noticed that my Ridgeline started to hesitate and skip a bit. At first I thought it was some sort of Transmission issue. So the hesitation got worse, the vehicle acted like is was misfiring or not getting enough gas. The hesitation was getting worse, and the check engine...
  3. Vibrating engine

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    :eek:Engine seems to be vibrating and lacking power. This occurs in both drive and reverse. The check engine light did eventually begin blinking and then after turning the engine off and back on the the vtm-4 light also came on in addition to the blinking check engine light. The temperature of...