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  1. Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    With predictions of gas prices to go up this year beyond $4 per gallon and even possibly into the $5-6 per gallon range, have any Ridgeline owners considered an electric motor conversion? I looked into it a little on the internet and a lot of it seemed really technical. But I think it would be...
  2. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Hi Guys, Just got my RL RTL and was hoping to change the read out on the temp and fuel consumption to KM / celsius from F and Miles. Is there a way (and or trick) to doing that on the electronic part of the display? In case you're wondering I am in Canada ?! don't know F and miles ;act028...
  3. 1G Mobile Electronics
    I have read many posts and I am still confused regarding the conversion of XM to Sirius. I have the HON-SC1 interface and the SCC1 Sirius tuner. My question is on placement of each unit. Do both units mount and connect behind the rear seat where the original XM tuner is located OR does the...
1-3 of 3 Results