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  1. FS: 2G Peragon Tonneau Cover (Platinum Package) - $500 obo

    Trading Post
    Selling my Peragon tonneau cover. A tonneau without rails fits my needs better. I did also get this with the "Platinum" package, which includes: 3 year warranty stainless steel hardware dual deadbolt system tailgate seal (have not installed this, so fresh in packaging) Mid-MO, willing to drive...
  2. Solid Fold Tonneau for Sale

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Good Afternoon, I have a Solid Fold Tonneau Cover for sale. It fits 2017+ Gen2 Ridgelines. It's in great shape! It came with the truck when I bought it, but I decided to get a Camper Shell instead. Easy install, just repace the top 4 Tie down hooks. I'm asking $500. It's normally $949...
  3. FS Retrax tonneau cover and running boards gen 1

    Trading Post
    picked up a used Ridgeline and it cam with a retraxone tonneau cover . looks awesome but i have no use to lock stuff upin the bed . simple install all hardware included expect locks . the dealer lost the key and had to drill them out . any locksmith should be able to put a cylinder in them for...
  4. Peragon Customer Service!

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    I am posting this to let you know about the fantastic customer service that Peragon provides. On 12/21/2017 I sent the following private message to Heath from Peragon: The following morning Heath replied as follows: I tried to object, and was told that if I insist upon paying for the lock...
  5. Anyone used a windshield cover in the winter?

    1G Exterior
    My 2006 Ridgeline sits outside, and I have issues getting to the middle of the windshield to clean the ice off. I have a long handled scraper, but it's hard to exert much force when the ice is hard. I could leave it run until it warms up, but I prefer not to do that. Snow and ice windshield...
  6. Rear Seat Belt Mount Cover

    1G Interior
    I recently purchased a 2006 Ridgeline RTS. Looks to be a great vehicle, I'm excited. The rear passenger side bolt mounting the seat belt to the frame above the shoulder is exposed. Anyone have any good ideas as to where I can get another cover piece? Just the round piece about 2 inches in...
  7. New RETRAX Website

    Hi ROC members! Check out the brand new Retrax website at! Thanks! Retrax Truck Bed Covers
  8. BakFlip HD installed on 2011 RTL

    1G Accessories
    I installed my BakFlip HD tonneau cover on my 2011 RTL. It was a very easy install, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most difficult, I would say the install was a 2. Everything fit perfect, cover looks really good on my truck. Install took maybe 30 minutes, including unpacking. Cover was...
  9. FS: Bakflip G2

    Trading Post
    SOLD: Bakflip G2 I bought an ARE cap and now need to get rid of my Bakflip G2 cover. Love the bakflip, but I needed the extra room to haul my dogs around in... thought I would offer it up to the forum members before going elsewhere. I bought this about 18 months ago. I park in a garage at home...
  10. New 2010 Ridgeline as of yesterday

    Eastern Canada Owners
    Great to find your forum! I picked up my brand new 2010 Honda Ridgeline yesterday. I really like how it drives. I will have to get used to a bit worse gas mileage I think - I can already start to see the gauge moving. I drove a 2006 Nissan Murano before this. Two questions to begin: - When...
  11. Hello I have a retrax bed cover like new for sale in Chattanooga TN area.

    1G Accessories
    I have a like new retrax bed cover for sale in the chattanooga tennessee area, can't fit my atv in the bed with it on is the only reason I am selling it. want 800 for it, they are like 1200 new, but make me some offers and we can deal. also would trade for some aftermarket 22 inch wheels for my...
  12. Rear seat cover suggestions?

    1G Interior
    I saw the post suggesting a walmart towel and a big lots rug. ;) Is there anything slightly more snug that would work as a decent back seat cover? Need it to protect against dog and kids.
  13. WTB: Honda OEM Tonneau

    Trading Post
    If anyone is taking one off his truck and willing to sell for a reasonable price, I'll be in the market pretty soon. I'd like to see pictures and know exactly what hardware set I'm getting with the top as well. I'm in South Carolina and will likely be heading to Orlando and maybe San Antonio...
  14. Rugged Folding Tonneau Cover

    1G Exterior
    Hello, I went to my local truck/hitch store and saw a Rugged Folding Cover Folding Tonneau Cover, that it folds in three or four sections. It is the soft cover, price installed for my 08 $395.00 Does anybody have it installed in their...