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  1. Dash coming out, LED's for to brighten up the dash stuff

    1G Accessories
    I have to pull out the Dash to replace my iPhone cable. So I figure, since Im gonna be doing that, I might as well get some better lighting for all things that light up on the Dashboard (LEDs of course) from the Cruise Control (which doesnt light up) to the AC Knobs etc. I saw the Pinned...
  2. Cluster/dash upgrade. Fuel mileage, consumption, and range on 06-08!

    1G Interior
    I done this to a few trucks now and some of you may know about it, but one of the best things I’ve figured out is the cluster from a 2009-2012 (unsure about 13-14 but I feel it would also work) is plug and play into the 06-08 trucks. This give you things like fuel mileage, consumption, and...
  3. iPad mini mounted in Ridgeline!

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Just wanted to share this with my RL brothers and sisters...
  4. Wiring for Accessories

    1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Hi all, I'm a newby here at ROC and then proud owner of a 2008 Ridgeline RTL (as of 2 days ago). I love the vehicle and wished it had the backup camera. My daughter bought me a backup camera system with the monitor built into the mirror. It works beautifully but I don't want to have it plugged...
  5. Radio Pocket Door Assembly instructions

    1G Interior
    Hi All, recently I got a dash kit and painted it along with the pocket door below the radio, (to the right of the hazard switch) but upon taking the door out I must have screwed something up because its no longer "fluid" when you open it.. I noticed on the right hand side there is what looks...