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  1. 1G Problems & Issues
    I've a 2007 Ridgeline. All of a sudden, the entire door locking system has stopped working. The master switch on the driver's door does not work, nor do any of the individual switches on the other doors. The fuse is fine. I've tried resetting the system with the instructions in the owners manual...
  2. Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    2017 w/80,000mi. Love the truck. Don't love that both back doors in the last few weeks are not locking. I noticed when recently I wasn't able to open back door when others were locked. Unfortunately the same is true. When coming back from the store the back door did not lock like the...
  3. 1G Problems & Issues
    I’ve developed a problem on my 2009 EX-L (Canadian Model) where my power locks for all doors won’t operate unless the truck is running or ignition turned to ON. Same goes with the fob lock / unlock. I’ve replaced batteries in both fobs, checked all Fuses in the driver footwell and under hood...
  4. 1G Problems & Issues
    Hey all, I've searched the forums to find a solution to my issue, but I can't seem to find my exact problem. Approximately one month ago, my '06 starting locking all doors when accelerating away from a stop (like they're supposed to do at 10mph....once.) Any time I would slow below 10mph...
  5. 1G Problems & Issues
    Hey Everyone, I just purchased a 2007 with 130K miles. The rear driver side door power lock does not work, nor does the power window on that door. I looked through the forums about the door lock issue (one bite at a time, right?) and found a ton of data about the door lock actuator motor. I...
  6. 1G Problems & Issues
    My passenger back door makes a whining sound when I hit the unlock. Anyone heard this before? None of the other doors do it.
1-6 of 6 Results