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  1. 1G Problems & Issues
    Hey guys! I have been searching for a year now but cant find a 06-08 Ridgeline drive side fog light. Mine has cracked badly and has even broken the bulb, I wanted to get a new one before putting a new bulb in but I cannot find one anywhere... Does anyone have an idea where i could find one? I...
  2. 1G Exterior
    Hello. I was unlucky enough to back a long load of lumber into a guys driver side rear bumper the other day. It is a 2006 with chrome bumper trim. The rear driver side chrome trim piece broke. To replace it one must buy the entire trim kit from Honda. It is ridiculously expensive!! Hoping that...
  3. 1G Problems & Issues
    Hi there. This is my first post here since I became member in 2007. I am having issues with my Ridge's driver seat. The lever of the seat wont work. I cant adjust the heigth. It wont go up or down. Any suggestions? Thanks.:act030:
  4. 1G Problems & Issues
    I have an odd problem, my ridgeline has worked fine for years and now my drivers side brake light quit working. When I step on the brake the passenger side and center brake lights come on, but the drivers side does not. The "parking" lights do however work on the driver side. I tried...
1-4 of 4 Results