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  1. Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    My G2 recently hit 50k miles. The dealer recommended changing the following fluids: transfer case, rear diff, ATF, engine coolant, brake fluid. The cost to have them do it all would be insane. I did let them do the brake fluid because as I understand it they completely drain the system and...
  2. Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    Has anyone checked on the cost of a tranny fluid change? I was just quoted $340! In the past this was $130-$160 for my other Hondas.
  3. 1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Has anyone used a fluid extractor through the transmission dip stick as part of the ATF change? I have this extractor device from Griots in my garage that I used years ago with an older Benz for certain fluid changes. I am completely aware of the multiple drain and fills recommended for ATF...
  4. 1G Problems & Issues
    My 2006 ridgeline is new to me. i have a radiator leak and am about to replace it. The fluid leaking is green thats all I know about it. Can I use a good non silicate coolant for aluminum engines without gumming things up ?
1-4 of 4 Results