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fuel economy

  1. Fuel Economy (lack of mpg)

    2G Problems, Fixes & TSB's
    First, I love my new 2019 RTL AWD. I have 200 miles on it. My problem is the computer says I’m only averaging 13.5 mpg. I am not an aggressive driver and I am not gunning it around town. I took it out for a 30 mile trip on the freeway and kept it between 65-70 and still 13.5 mpg. I don’t smell...
  2. Poor Gas Milage

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    A bit of background… :wink: About 9 months ago I purchased a 2017 RTL-T and was making several 300 mile trips between locations where the speed limit most of the way was at least 65 MPH. I was consistently getting 27 to 28 MPG and I was thrilled that I was doing better than the advertised...
  3. 06 Ridgeline - poor mileage, P0430/420 Codes, HELP!

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hello! I have an 06 ridgeline RTL I've had for several years. Love the vehicle and have taken care of it. I purchased from a guy who worked for the Honda dealer and they all explicitly told me how well it was maintained there for all its years. It has 230k. Runs great, starts great, drives...
  4. New 2014 SE in Silver Alabaster

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi to the ROC forum from its newest member. Just bought my very first Honda and my very first truck in one purchase. 500 miles in 4 weeks. First impressions are good build quality - but a few things yet to address: There is an object - a bolt or nut- rolling around inside the air duct under...
  5. Towing Camper with v. without Cap - Gas Mileage?

    1G Exterior
    Currently, I have no cap. Getting about 22 mpg highway. When towing 15 foot, 2800 lb travel trailer (not a pop-up) I get about 9 - 10 mpg highway. The camper is not very aerodynamic and acts like a sail. The question is: has anyone else had this issue, and if so, did adding a cap noticeably...
  6. Towing, Downshifting, Fuel Economy

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hello all, New to forum and a 2011 RTL with Nav... have about 800 miles on it now, started towing at about 650 miles.. Just a a small boat, 15ft Key West 1520cc, total weight boat, engine, trailer, gear can't be more than 2,000 lbs max. The ridgeline seems to tow it well, EXCEPT..... The...
  7. Huge drop in fuel economy after 60k service

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    I recently had my '06 RTS go through its 60K service. The service included transmission and coolant flushes, oil and filter change, new air filter, and fuel treatment. During the service it was also discovered that oil was leaking into one of the spark plug wells. Honda replaced the gasket under...
  8. Potential aftermarket parts that could increase my mpg's?

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    Does anyone have any recommendations of anything I can install in my Ridge that would increase my mpg's? Cold air intake, performance chip, spark plugs, etc? Im currently getting 13mpg. Dont need to know why I'm getting 13mpg's. just need to know what I can add to make it better. Yes my tire...