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  1. Garmin Map Update

    2G Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation
    Did an update to the Garmin maps yesterday - fairly quick process and just followed the directions here: Use the USB port below the temperature controls. While the instructions say it may take hours it did not. Initial process in the truck took a minute or so...
  2. Garmin Express Updates

    2G Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation
    For those interested: NEW UPDATE A new Garmin Express software update is available as of AUGUST 8, 2018 - V6.7.0.0 (Replaces previous update V6.6.0.0) Download here: Current Version of Garmin Express When they are made available the current version release notes can be found here...
  3. FS: Garmin street pilot c320

    Trading Post
    :SOLD: I received a new GPS as a gift, and don't need 2. The C320 works well, no problems in the time I've had it. It will come with the car charger, suction mount, dash mount (rubber pad), and cd. I'll take $50 including s/h if anyone's interested. Thanks
  4. Custom Ridgeline Vehicle for Garmin Nav Units

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Figured I'd share. I made this custom vehicle last night for my Nuvi. Here's a screenshot: Here's the file you need: Here are instructions on how to use it: I make no promise this wont mess up your nav...