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  1. Gen1 Tight Used Market

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hi All! After a lot of thinking and research, I picked a Gen 1 Ridgeline to replace a totaled 2009 Outback. As my bad timing would have it, the Outback was totaled pre-covid, and now the used market is hot, go figure. A second car is a luxury for my family as I'm the only one that usually needs...
  2. Drive shaft replacement - clunk and judder in power train

    First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    Any one ever replaced the drive shaft on their G1 Ridgeline? Shop is recommending it to solve below issue. I have a weird clunk when I softly press gas pedal or when I am on freeway and want to downshift to go around some one. Everything in cabin shake. Parts replace so far: All 5 mounts...
  3. FS: 2006 RTS (72,000 miles) SOLD

    Trading Post
    I'm selling my 2006 Ridgeline RTS: 2nd family owner (my father was original owner) 72,500 miles Michelin tires (255/65/17) Chrome wheelskins Perfect mechanical condition Interior is in great shape (except headliner) Everything works Clean VA title $7950 Located in SW VA Call or text: 540-580-3669
  4. My 07 Ridgeline with 2” lift and 245/70/17

    My 07 Ridgeline with 2” lift and 245/70/17

  5. FS - Gen 1 Weathertech Window Rain Guards

    Trading Post
    $50 plus shipping (but these are not easy to package for shipping). I live in the South Jersey Area (Somers Point Specifically). I do frequent the North Jersey and Philadelphia, PA areas often if that helps to meet up and save shipping. They are in very nice condition, dark smoke, used two...