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  1. TSB 18-024 Clock resets, and the navigation shows the vehicle in the wrong location.

    2G Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation
    Discovered a new TSB which affects GPS/Clock (Issued APR 25, 2018) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TSB 18-024 2017 Ridgeline (Also affects Accords and Pilots) Title: Clock Resets and Navigation Does Not Acquire Satellites SYMPTOM The clock...
  2. Help. GPS screen horizontal roll

    First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    I turn on car, screen is rolling right to left. Put the car in reverse it continues to roll like an old tv. If I eject the screen to access the CD player, I have a perfect graphic of the coffee cup an circle with line through it. So basically my gps and back up camera is useless.
  3. Aftermarket Navigation option ?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Hello all, using this forum a lot since I just replaced my '06 RT with a newer '13 RTL/Nav which I am crazy about. As with everyone else very disappointed in the Nav system and weighing the pros and cons of replacing the system with aftermarket. Wondering if anyone with experience in this...
  4. Dvd rom

    1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Just purchased my first Ridgeline. 06 RTL w/ 134k miles. Loving the truck so far, but missing the DVD ROM for the navigation. Can a DVD ROM from another Honda or Acura be used? Found one on eBay for 06-09 Pilot. Honda Pilot 2006-2008 New GPS navigation nav radio DVD-ROM PC Card drive. OEM Any...
  5. Opinion - New Head Unit

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, looking to replace my stereo with a new double din head unit. I cam across this one (see below link). It seems to have everything that I am looking for. DVD, CD, MP3, GPS, ability to hook up a back up camera, ect. I was wondering what the Ridgeline world thinks about it...
  6. Honda Navigation cumbersome to use

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    I just bought a 2013 Honda Ridgeline and I know that it not the most current model but I can't believe how cumbersome the navigation system is to use. 1. No multiple destinations. Sure you can get waypoints but only if they are along your route. Even then you can't select waypoints from an...
  7. How do I update GPS "Home"

    1G Interior
    Hi, I have a 2011 RTL w/ Nav. I recently moved and I wanted to update the "Home" on the GPS, but I can't figure out how too. I checked the manual, but it did not have the answer. Thank you!!
  8. CD/Stuck no GPS help

    1G Problems & Issues
    I went to eject a CD out of my 6 disc CD changer that is in the front dash of my Ridgeline and it didn't come and only makes the ping ping noise and it says Mechanical Error. I get that the Gear in the CD probably broke but was miffs me is now my Navi Screen is down and I can not get it to go...
  9. chinese 2 din head unit gps/dvd install

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I just purchased and installed this unit: It's by Versio - Chinese off-brand mfg. Whole thing was less than $300 with the Metra dash kit and Honda wiring harness I ordered as well. I actually thought I...
  10. Problem with the GPS Screen

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hi. Hopefully someone have a solution for this. Today, while I was driving home and started the GPS. I noticed that when I applied the brakes, the screen will go on night mode. When I released the brakes, the screen will go back to Day mode. The lights were off and the GPS it is set to Auto for...
  11. FS: Garmin street pilot c320

    Trading Post
    :SOLD: I received a new GPS as a gift, and don't need 2. The C320 works well, no problems in the time I've had it. It will come with the car charger, suction mount, dash mount (rubber pad), and cd. I'll take $50 including s/h if anyone's interested. Thanks
  12. 06 RL Navigation DVD Failure

    1G Problems & Issues
    Looking to update the maps in the 06, I ended up buying a 4.73 white label DVD off an auction site. It went in to the drive, installed, then the screen came back up saying incorrect dvd in drive. Of course I figured I could go back and use the older DVD but I can't seem to get that to be...
  13. FS: Newest Navi DVD Ver. 4.73A 2009 USA

    Trading Post
    FS: Newest Navi DVD Ver. 4.73A 2009 USA SOLD I live in Canada and purchased the Canada and USA Navi DVD for my Ridgeline earlier this year. Honda Canada only sells the Canadian DVD with the USA DVD, I have no need for the USA DVD. USA Honda is currently selling this DVD for $194.95+Tax...