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  1. 2G Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation
    Does anybody have any experience they can share about installing wiring? Specifically, from the battery to behind the rear seat, and from behind the rear seat to somewhere near the back of the bed? I have a new RTL and I want to install a amateur radio VHF/UHF rig... Thanks, Jeff
  2. 2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Own a 2007 Ridgeline, just Ordered my 2017 BE to be delivered end of July (Canada). Canadian model with the extra canuck features. So, there must be another HAM out there who is exploring how / where to mound the head unit for their radio and antenna. Would love to share experiences...
  3. 1G Mobile Electronics
    I going to be installing our trusty IC-706 in our RL and as always I'm struggling with the question of "where to put the antennas"? I've read tons of forum posts about this and there are several good web pages documenting installs, but they pretty much all mount the antenna in the bed one way...
1-3 of 3 Results