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  1. Does anyone know how to get to the USB Host / Device setting on the 2019 / 2020's?

    2G Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation
    To do some adb-based debugging I need to get the USB port on the car to go into "device mode" - the instructions in this thread work to get the usb debugging settings enabled...
  2. 2017 RTL Stereo questions

    2G Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation
    Hello all. I have a 2017 RTL. Radio has no navigation, which I want. I just bought an aftermarket pioneer radio with appleplay with wiring harness, steering wheel control, and back up retain hookup. I was thinking it would be easy with wiring kits, but now it seems more like a pain and not...
  3. Is bluetooth audio with stock nav screen possible?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I am looking at a 2013 or 2014 RL. I like having the reverse camera pop up on the nav screen, but I do also want bluetooth streaming audio. Is it possible for me to change out just the HU under the nav screen and install a header with bluetooth? Would it affect the function of the the nav...
  4. Anyone Ever Direct Wire an Apple Lightning Cable to 2006 RTS Stock Head Unit?

    First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    I just bought a 2006 RTS and love it so far. I am going back and forth between replacing the entire head unit with something USB and Bluetooth friendly, or working with the factory 6-disc head unit. Right now my preference would be an inexpensive way to hook up a newer iPhone lightning cable...
  5. Opinion - New Head Unit

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, looking to replace my stereo with a new double din head unit. I cam across this one (see below link). It seems to have everything that I am looking for. DVD, CD, MP3, GPS, ability to hook up a back up camera, ect. I was wondering what the Ridgeline world thinks about it...
  6. Looking for easiest head unit to install 2006 RT

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I've read through the forums and I understand that unless I get a separate amp or a 6 channel HU, I am going to lose the factory sub-woofer. With that in mind, I have a two questions. 1) Will losing the factory sub dramatically decrease my sound quality? 2) What is the easiest replacement...
  7. Crossover location?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Just got a 2014 Ridgeline SE and I would like to install a set of JL C2 650's in the front. How is the crossover handled by the factor head unit? Should/Can I use the JL crossover or do I need only replace the speakers and call it a day? Thanks
  8. tuner reception

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I replaced the oem radio (no navi or subwoofer), with a pioneer FH-X700BT head unit. I now have terrible reception with the tuner, I used a Metra 40-HD10 antenna harness. The only thing I did not hook up is a blue-white wire from the antenna harness, I did not know where this should be...
  9. 2013 Ridgeline RTL Stereo Install

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Time to pay it forward ... thanks to all those whose posts helped me get the job done right. A brand new 2013 Ridgeline RTL should have a better sound system than a 160 watt 6-disc CD change ... and since I had done a stereo install in my previous vehicle (2005 Honda Pilot) I was confident I...
  10. First post! Replacing 2006 Head Unit, etc. questions

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Hi guys, Over the course of a few months, the CD, AM/FM, and AUX buttons on the head unit of my 2006 RTS broke/got stuck after pushing on them. This is unfortunate, because the entire HU no longer functions, except for the Power and Volume control(s), as well as controls on the steering wheel...
  11. Noise from stereo after new amp install

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Hi, recently installed new 4 channel, Jensen amp to existing head unit. wired LOC right off unit to minimize any noise from wires. Used thick RCA cables from LOC to Amp. Installed 2 sets of Kenwood speakers. As soon as any volume, (01) is applied, I get a lot of white noise, (not engine)...
  12. Factory sub with new HU

    1G Interior
    Hello everybody, after weeks of reading the forums I finally decided to become a member! Okay, so here's my question. I have an '06 RTS and I want to replace the stereo with a Pioneer DEH-4400HD mainly for the AUX and USB functionalities. But I am happy with the factory speakers and sub...
  13. chinese 2 din head unit gps/dvd install

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I just purchased and installed this unit: It's by Versio - Chinese off-brand mfg. Whole thing was less than $300 with the Metra dash kit and Honda wiring harness I ordered as well. I actually thought I...
  14. 2006 EXL w navi - Upgrading to all-in-one navi headunit

    1G Mobile Electronics
    You might think I'm crazy for wanting to do this but I'm running into a few problems with stock setup... The cd changer has the skipping when it's cold problem, and the stereo has begun to clip at louder volumes when used with either the aux input or the cd player. The first problem I can deal...
  15. Stock Head Unit- Two Amps? HELP! NOOBY!

    1G Interior
    First time poster, long time stalker of the ROC forums. So here's the deal. I've been gathering up some stereo equipment and I'm getting close to having everything for the install. I have a JL 500/1v2 amp and a JL 300/4v2 amp. Two JL 10w3's, all the power wire necessary for dual amp setup(4awg)...
  16. Head Unit install question

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I installed a Pioneer AVH 3200BT Double Din Headunit this weekend in my 07 ridgeline. I have to say I'm mighty impressed. However, my radio reception is very spotty after the install. Sometimes a radio station that is right near my house is coming through fuzzy. I installed the following...
  17. Double Din Installs

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone! This is my first post here! I am considering putting a double din screen type head unit in my Ridge, and I would like to see some examples of people who have done this to get a feel for the look and fit. Please post your pics!! Thanks!
  18. Xm stations...

    1G Problems & Issues
    I have the 08 RTL but I do not have the NAV. I have the stock Honda head unit. When I scroll through the XM stations, it appears that I do not have all the stations that XM has to offer that typically come with membership. Is this a head unit problem or XM problem, or user error? I have 1100...