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  1. 2G Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation
    I tried to read the Honda Link User Agreement, which came page after page until, as I suspect they want, you just give up and click Accept. But here's my question to you smart guys out there...... Does my new 2020 TRL-E tattle on me to insurance? How fast I drive, how hard I brake, how often...
  2. Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions
    Prologue: back in March, my Ridgeline was rear-ended by a sleepy senior citizen from Massachusetts while we were stopping for a collision just ahead of us. You can read the details in this thread. The summary is this: He hit me from behind at highway speed, then went caroming off the side of...
  3. Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions
    Does anyone have any experience, suggestions or has had any success negotiating a diminished value claim in Florida ? If you search the internet you come up with two companies that are marketing themselves as DV specialists. Collision Claim Associates, Inc...
1-3 of 3 Results