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  1. 1G Problems & Issues
    Problem is with the interior control light switch. The individual map lights operate by pushing the lens so I know the problem is not a burned out bulb (s). The problem is the ON-DOOR-OFF operation. When the switch is in the ON or DOOR position the individual lights do not come on however...
  2. 1G Interior
    Hi Folkes! I've spend many evenings researching this but I can't find any info here on the forum so I have to post the question. I've replaced my switch lights with LEDs and I'd like to do the same throughout my RL. Has anyone replaced (via disassembly) their power window switch backlights?? Is...
  3. 1G Problems & Issues
    All the sudden my dimmer switch ( on dash board upper left side) will not make the light go any dimmer than they already are ( brightest ). I turn the knob and nothing happens? Sorry if this is already covered somewhere, first time in here!
  4. 1G Problems & Issues
    will not work when the door is opened. The 3 way switch has no effect in either the ON position or the DOOR position. All fuses are good. The interior lights on the door works ruling out the door switch. Does not matter which door is opened. The fuses all check out. Conclusion 1. a relay if...
1-4 of 4 Results