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  1. FS: ISIMPLE IPOD / IPHONE Adapter with HD Radio tuner

    Trading Post
    Selling a used iSimple iphone ipod adapter (ISHD571) with HD radio tuner for $125 shipped (US only). Also includes metra antenna adapter. Listen to your music from your iphone/ipod or Pandora app or any music app you have installed. Tune into your local HD radio stations and commercial...
  2. Sirius w/ Isimple

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for. Has anyone installed an Isimple AND Sirius sat radio together? If so, how do I get my Sirius to play? It turns on but I just can't figure out how to get it to play. (I had the Isimple and Sirius installed by Best Buy. I bought my...