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  1. flawless first 3.5 months/3k miles

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    Since I know this forum can be overwhelming with issues, and if all is well we tend to be silent . . . Got my 2019 RTL AWD on 11/11/2019, I now have 3,000 miles on it. I noticed that the headliner to sunroof gap was different on one side vs the other. I pushed up on the headliner and it...
  2. Issues under 2600 miles

    2G Problems, Fixes & TSB's
    2019 Sport 2600 miles issues. Back door sensor not fully tightened when purchased simple fix but annoying. Drive side front turn signal "flashing portion" has gone out, has anyone else had this issue within the first 2600 miles. Trying to decide if I should go to the dealer and complain or just...
  3. Concerned New Owner

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hi Everyone, I purchased a '14 Ridgeline SE on Jan. 16. I love it and had a great experience until this past Friday when a handful of quirky issues reared their head. See below: - On my way home from work on Friday, the Passenger Airbag light flickered on and off multiple times. This occurred...
  4. Fuse box HELP

    Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions
    so after installing my 57 series by K&N CAI there was a problem. My front left head light would not turn on. i'm trying to find out if the fuse blew or if there is something wrong with the wiring so i want to know which fuse number is allocated to the front left headlight. it'd be really nice to...