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jl audio

  1. Serious System Question - Need Advice JL Subs, Comps, and Amp

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I need advice on a system I am about to purchase, there are multiple variables so I will be as comprehensive in my description as possible. :act060: Lets talk about Bass first because that seems to be everyones favorite topic: I need to know if anyone has ever successfully installed a JL 12w6...
  2. JL speaker decision

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Upgrading my stock speakers. I'm really only interested in JL Audio speakers. Looking to do components up front and coaxial in the rear. Maybe components in the rear, who knows.Anyone have experience with the c2, vr650,xr650 series? I want to make sure the mounting space will work with stock...
  3. Stock Head Unit- Two Amps? HELP! NOOBY!

    1G Interior
    First time poster, long time stalker of the ROC forums. So here's the deal. I've been gathering up some stereo equipment and I'm getting close to having everything for the install. I have a JL 500/1v2 amp and a JL 300/4v2 amp. Two JL 10w3's, all the power wire necessary for dual amp setup(4awg)...