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  1. RTL 2nd Gen Passenger Seatbelt Twist/Latch

    2G Interior
    I have a new RTL-T and we discovered that the passenger side seat belt is twisted between the waist latch and the end-latch that connects to the seat base on the right side next to the passenger door. The Pilot 2016 and later and the 2nd Gen Ridgelines have this end attachment mechanism to...
  2. Truxedo Latch Problem

    1G Exterior
    Had a Truxedo installed. Have owned two before on different vehicles and they were a great product. Installed looks great but the tailgate seal is such that with the tailgate closed, you can get to the latch and open the cover. Not very secure. Any similar issues with anyone out there? Is...
  3. Broken Glovebox Latch

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hi, recently my glovebox latch broke mysteriously. I was able to get it open and replace it. I thought I would make a YouTube vid about it incase anyone else has this problem. I searched the forum but there wasn't much help on this particular issue. Hope this helps...
  4. Trunk lock latch not working - issue and resolution

    1G Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL but this probably applies to all Ridgelines. A while back my truck electronic lock and latch quit working. The trunk would only open with the master key. I searched here and on the web but couldn't find a solution. Well today I found and fixed the problem and...