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  1. Changing cloth to OEM Leather Seats.. Help

    1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    I am new to the site and have tried to search for the appropriate thread but have had no luck. I am thinking about installing factory leather seats from an RTL into my RTS and I am looking for instructions. I was wondering how tough of a job it is to not only install the seats but connect the...
  2. Interior update (nav and other ideas)

    1G Interior
    I've decided to hang onto my 07 RTX and am looking to spruce up the interior a bit. I've looked at aftermarket radios, but I can't find any with an original equipment look. Does anyone have any experience on swapping out the existing head unit (single CD, no AUX in) with a Honda Nav unit from...
  3. BakFlip F1 and Leather Seats

    1G Accessories
    About a month ago I had aftermarket leather seating surfaces with front heated seats put in my RL RTS. This was part of the deal I negotiated with the dealer so this was done at no cost to me. They are much softer seats now than the cloth...I don't know how it compares to the factory leather...
  4. Swapping RTL Seat bottoms (driver/pass)

    1G Interior
    Here's the scoop: I bought a used 06 RTL from my local Honda dealership. My major gripes are the XM ready radio (marketing JOKE) and the leather seats. As many of you have posted and recognized, with only 24K miles the outside bolster of the driver seat has a "high polish" with some small...