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  1. Map Light Burnout

    1G Interior
    Hi All, My first post here....just bought an '07 RTL (White), no Nav. Passenger map light is out, and does not light with the door either. Swapped bulb, no go. Three things here: 1) Be very careful the switch you buy from eBay, most vendors say their switches are a match, the ones I...
  2. DK-NY Hood Strut Kit and Underhood Light Kit - Review

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    A month or so ago I purchased the then brand new Hood Strut kit and Underhood Light kit for my G2. I have been meaning to submit a review since then, but have not gotten off my lazy tail until now. First of All, dealing with Danny (DK-NY) was a pleasure. To say that he is concerned with...
  3. The Best Reverse Light LEDs?

    1G Accessories
    I replaced my reverse lights with the generic Amazon 921 LEDs: Terrible lighting, bad decision! I have seen mention of both the VLEDs company and Diode Dynamics, the ROC sponsor. On the VLEDs site, they have for sale a 2 pack of 921 LEDs they are rating at 500lumen output and are $45. Diode...
  4. HVAC Display (Climate Control Screen) Not Lighting Up

    1G Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 RTS w/ 176xxx miles on it. Since I purchased the truck used in May 2014 I noticed that the HVAC display lights up very dimly during the day but switches off when I turn the headlights on. All the other lights inside the truck work well (all LED converted) and very bright! I...
  5. HELP INSIGHT.. Aux lights on roof rack

    1G Exterior
    hey, i wanted to install aux lights on my roof rack that im planning on getting. any ideas on where to run the wires to the roof with minimal damage to the cab... are there any holes on the roof ... note: i do not have a sun roof.. thanks!! and any ideas on where to get a roof rack for a...