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map light problem issue

  1. Interior light switch problem

    1G Problems & Issues
    Problem is with the interior control light switch. The individual map lights operate by pushing the lens so I know the problem is not a burned out bulb (s). The problem is the ON-DOOR-OFF operation. When the switch is in the ON or DOOR position the individual lights do not come on however...
  2. Map Light Out

    1G Interior
    My driver's side map light is out. I replaced the bulb and it still does not work. Any thoughts on what it might be? Thanks!
  3. Map light on and off

    1G Problems & Issues
    My driver's side map light comes on and then works again randomly. I opened the cover to replaced the bulb, but the filament was not broken, so I put it back in and it worked. Then a few minutes later, it went out. I opened it back up and squeezed the metal arms holding the bulb (?) a little...