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  1. First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    Hi, I checked other posts but couldn't find what I was looking for so hopefully a new post will help me out, as I'm not a mechanic... Recently had P0420, P0430 codes and decided to have my mechanic replace all 3 cats. Had to get it back to him after a day because there is obviously, very...
  2. 1G Under The Hood / Performance
    I just got a bad diagnosis on my 2008 Ridgeline RTL. There was an issue with the timing belt and now it appears I need a new engine. At least that seems to be the better bet since a head/valve job is not much cheaper and I'd still have an engine with almost 180k miles on it. I've found a...
  3. 1G Problems & Issues
    Hi Everyone, I have a 06' RL that is pushing 130k and from the research I have done sounds like it could use a valve adjustment and maybe new plugs. My last service I had brought it in to Inver Grove Honda, but based upon the experience will not be going back. I'm a firm believer in supporting...
1-3 of 3 Results