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  1. Best Dead Battery Ever

    1G Problems & Issues
    This is a bit long, but bear with me. I'm driving my second RL now, a 2012, which replaced a 2010, both purchased new. Having had a prior RL gives me a pretty good frame of reference for vehicle performance. I also drive a pretty reproducible route, mostly to and from work, and my gas mileage...
  2. Towing Camper with v. without Cap - Gas Mileage?

    1G Exterior
    Currently, I have no cap. Getting about 22 mpg highway. When towing 15 foot, 2800 lb travel trailer (not a pop-up) I get about 9 - 10 mpg highway. The camper is not very aerodynamic and acts like a sail. The question is: has anyone else had this issue, and if so, did adding a cap noticeably...
  3. Higher gas mileage on 91 oct gas

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    I drive about 300 miles per week, mostly rural coastal Texas roads at 60-70mph with some city driving. My 08 RTL has about 130K miles. I use lowest octane for normal driving and 91 when pulling our travel trailer. I have consistently gotten high 16s low 17s mpg in normal driving. We were...
  4. looking for some thoughts

    1G Problems & Issues
    So, I have an issue hat I can't resolve on my own. I did an A136 on my RTS back in Aug./ Sept. Everything went really well except I couldn't reach the trans. fill bolt. Short stubby arms. In Oct. I had new tires and new struts installed all the way around. Since then my mileage has dropped...
  5. New 2010 Ridgeline as of yesterday

    Eastern Canada Owners
    Great to find your forum! I picked up my brand new 2010 Honda Ridgeline yesterday. I really like how it drives. I will have to get used to a bit worse gas mileage I think - I can already start to see the gauge moving. I drove a 2006 Nissan Murano before this. Two questions to begin: - When...
  6. My first experience at a honda dealership. Result. Poor

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    I went to honda today to have them help me figure out why I am getting such bad gas mileage on my 07 RTS. I get on average 13mpg and I mostly drive freeway. I scheduled an appointment at the dealership in Lynnwood Washington. I got there and they told me they could not find my appointment. So...
  7. Remove propeller shaft?

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    I heard that someone had removed their propeller shaft because it had got bent and found it improved his gas mileage by about 5 mpg (or maybe a few litres/100km). Anyone heard about this? Basically then you have a front wheel drive vehicle. I was going to do it but thought to wait until winter...
  8. 09 RTL 15-16mpg around town

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    My RTL is less than 4 mos old, around 3,500 miles on it. I normally get no more than 15-16mpg. I drive mostly around our rural town, lots of getting on and off of big highways between towns in the area, but these are short highway stints. I expected at least 17-19mpg. I'm pretty easy on the...
  9. Mileage Dropping?

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    I used to have one of those Ridgelines that always got between 18-21 mpg. I could easily get 400 miles out of a tank. These days I can barely get 300. The low fuel light goes on at about 275. I'm currently on winter tires that get a little less mileage than the originals but when I go back to...