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navi dead

  1. Navigation Randomly Shut Off?

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hey All! So I don’t know if anyone else had this issue, I’ve been told it’s common in ridgelines and odyssey’s but for me it was literally one day my Nav was working and then the next day it just won’t turn on. None of the buttons work, won’t open to access the CD slot, screen won’t power up...
  2. navigation screen black- won't turn on

    1G Problems & Issues
    the Navi screen won't come on- tried unplugging battery and resetting- stayed on long enough to enter code and map too reappear, but then went black. Radio still works and screen goes up to allow for CD changer but no navi... what's up?
  3. Navigation dead, can't open panel

    1G Problems & Issues
    Like other RLs, I think I my 2007 must have a small parasitic power drain. This time after boosting a dead battery I reset the radio code but the navigation system did not come on for a reset. The Navi system is dead; I cannot even open the navigation/CD panel, as if the system has blown a fuse...