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  1. 1G Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, looong time lurker, first time poster. Like many OPs before me, I am having a low beam issue. The main difference In my case is that I first noticed that my amber bulbs were the first to go out. Both. Simultaneously. And just like my low beams, the secondary function of these bulbs...
  2. 1G Problems & Issues
    I put new tires on my Ridgeline at Sams Club. When replacing the tires two TPMS sensors would not unscrew and were corroded together thus needed to be replaced. I drove to Honda to purchase two new sensors that Sam's was going to put on free of charge. Obviously the TPMS (Not the low tire...
  3. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Yesterday, I was pulling into a parking lot when I hit a huge pothole and all four speakers stopped working. My head unit seems fine. Later that day, I hit another bump and the speakers started working again but only until I hit the next bump. I took the HU out to check if the wiring harness...
1-3 of 3 Results