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  1. FL: For Sale - OEM BE Wheels (Updated)

    Trading Post
    * EDITED * Selling OEM Black Edition wheels from a 2019 Ridgeline. Approximately 22.5k miles on these wheels, lug nuts and center caps are included. There is a small blemish on one of the wheels, I have a zoomed in photo of it. Located at 32244, Jacksonville, FL. Local pickup only, $650...
  2. For Sale

    Texas Ridgeline Owners
    Got oem wheels painted black with almost new Firestone Destination MT tires. Need to sell. Sold my Ridgeline but still got these. Will send pics...if serious buyer.
  3. SAVE MONEY on OEM & Aftermarket Accessories

    1G Accessories
    Competitively Priced ACCESSORIES and Aftermarket Additions!!! Please REPLY with your findings as well. I know there are many threads discussing accessories, but I wanted I just want to share the love and save my RL family money... These are the top savings I found after tons of researching...
  4. Romik Side Steps - Install, Review, Photos

    1G Accessories
    Shortly after buying my 2014 Sport and with the help of ROC, I knew I would want to make a few changes ASAP. Thus, research and elimination began. Price vs. function vs. needs. A short time later, I ordered a couple items and put the Ridgeline's bed to use for the first time. Having seen older...
  5. OEM Bed Cover

    1G Exterior
    I was considering picking up a hardwareless OEM bed cover off eBay, so I took a look at the installation instructions, and they blew my mind. Whoever invented this thing should bury their head in shame - LOL - Check out page 3 where you remove the roof trim and install grommets...What...
  6. Need OEM Exhaust, will trade my Exhaust and will even pay $50 for the stock.

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    I have this exhaust, but I really want the stock exhaust for my truck, I will be more than happy to make the swap, I have tools and everything to make the swap. If you feel its going to work out for you, then call me 903 four 9 zero 8 two 53. I'll pay $80, I just got out of college and was...
  7. FS: OEM Motorcyle Wheel Guide

    Trading Post
    Genuine Factory Honda Ridgeline motorcycle wheel guide helps steady a motorcycle while securing it in the trunk bed.Cannot be installed on vehicles equipped with the Bed Tonneau Cover System. Honda retail $271, HandA sells for $195. I am looking for $130 OBO plus any cost to ship it to you. I...

    1G Accessories
    Just wanted to say I had a great experience at After having a terrible experience with almost two weeks and the order hadnt even shipped out, calling and leaving messages, emailing and getting no response,...I finally said forget them, I'm...
  9. Two small electrical issues - unlocking doors/TPMS

    Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions
    Hey y'all, Thanks for your help with a recent post of mine (dented hood) as well as any responses to this thread. Two small electrical issues: 1. The clicker to unlock the doors on my Ridgeline has been acting weird the past few weeks. It ONLY unlocks the driver side door --> to unlock the...
  10. Now you can add Bluetooth and streaming audio to your factory system!

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Hi everyone, I know this product has been brought up in other threads but I thought it would be helpful to start a new one just for this product. They claim "The USA SPEC BT35-HON will add Bluetooth to your factory Honda radio. The BT35-HON will not only give you hands-free phone calls, but...
  11. WTB: RTL Naviagation Radio

    Trading Post
    Hey guys, Looking for a used OEM AM/FM Radio from an RTL with Navigation. Don't need the touchscreen, Navigation or the CD Player. Hit me up if you have one. Oh and it needs to be Dark Gray, and not brown/tan. Part number = 39100-SJC-A40ZB. Thanks in advance....
  12. WTS Ridgeline OEM CD Radio w/ Security Tag

    Trading Post
    Im selling my Ridgeline OEM Deck which was only used a few days. I have the little metal Security Tag as well. This thing is in mint condition. If you broke your nav screen this is a excellent replacement. If you have the adapter you can use it with the 6 CD changer. Here is a picture of the...
  13. Stock Head Unit- Two Amps? HELP! NOOBY!

    1G Interior
    First time poster, long time stalker of the ROC forums. So here's the deal. I've been gathering up some stereo equipment and I'm getting close to having everything for the install. I have a JL 500/1v2 amp and a JL 300/4v2 amp. Two JL 10w3's, all the power wire necessary for dual amp setup(4awg)...
  14. I guess I have decided to get a Extang Solid Fold

    1G Accessories
    I have been pouring over this forum for days trying to decide which bed cover to get. First I tried to decide between Retrax and full metal jackrabbit, but i just can't decide to give up my bed space for the canister. I am try to work out of this truck doing Home Theater installations and not...
  15. FS: RTL OEM Wheels - San Jose, CA area

    Trading Post
    I have four Ridgeline OEM Wheels w/TPMS sensors with Michelin LTX (M+S) 245/65R17 tires for sale. No scratches on wheels and tires have less than 5,000 miles on them. I have the original lugs nuts including wheel locks (one per wheel) and the key. These were the OEM wheels and tires from my...
  16. 2010 Pilot Touring wheels and tires on Ridgeline

    1G Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Ok, I haven't even purchased my Ridgeline yet but I already bout the Pilot OEM wheels/tires (10 miles on them) off this reseller. I've read that 09 Pilot's won't work in this forum so I assumed 2010 wouldn't fit. Then I called Superstition Springs Honda in Mesa and spoke to the parts department...