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  1. lift, axle problems

    Basically getting mixed messages from two local dealers. Now turning to this forum for help. 1-Will a lift kit from jsportusa damage the axles? 2-Will is void the warranty? 3-Does it have to be installed at the dealership? Basically dealer is asking $900 and says it's an all day job. Jsport...
  2. Social Distancing in the Sawtooths

    Our governor encourages us to get out and hike, as long as we stay close to home. This is in my county, up in the Sawtooth Mountains. The drive included about 80 miles of offroad, including a short drive up a two-rut lane to this lunch stop. What occurred to me on the way home is that none of...
  3. Complete Rough Coated/ Bed Lined Honda Ridgeline

    1G Exterior
    PHOTOS BELOW If you're like me, you've seen a few vehicles rolling around covered in bed-liner. Just a few years ago it didn't seem very prevalent, but it seems to be getting more popular. You'll see it done on jeeps to save the paint from trouble in the woods (or just to look cool), and...