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  1. First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    Hello everyone! I just purchased an RL last week. It's a 2008 RTL w/ 140k miles. It seems to have been taken care of quite well with most major stuff having been reportedly done by a dealer (timing belt/tensioner/water pump/ serpentine @ 105k, radiator, front brakes, some type of seal/gasket...
  2. 1G Problems & Issues
    I just bought the car, so do not know if there are mpg issues or anything like that. It has 203K on it, and it doesn't look like the previous owner was too much into preventive maintenance like replacing parts without codes. Here's what I have so far: The Codes: P0420: Rear bank catalyst...
  3. 1G Under The Hood / Performance
    Hello All, I wanted to start a new thread on this topic as it seems that many people have or will eventually deal with these codes. The issue is that these codes tend to come and go as they please, which creates alot of confusion. The mileage of the vehicles that get these codes are all over...
1-3 of 3 Results