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  1. Replacing the Battery in the Remote Transmitter

    Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions
    I had an unexpected problem today that I must share. I was running errands today when suddenly a message comes up on the dash that said something like, Low Remote Transmitter Battery. Since I carry my truck’s manual with me all the time, I decided to check it out to determine what battery I...
  2. Keyless Entry FOB, Security Failure

    2G Problems, Fixes & TSB's
    As some may know the hard way (EG: ME), the FOB can be defeated using a cheap RFID Relay Amplifier if they can get close enough to your unprotected FOB (as in, just outside your home or where you are shopping etc). These devices are cheap online, or can be made easily by anyone with basic...
  3. Key remote only unlocks drivers door

    1G Problems & Issues
    On my current 2008 RTL (i have had 2), I have an issue that started 4 days ago. When I press the unlock button the drivers door unlocks, when i press it twice only the drivers door unlocks. Up until last friday the double click unlocked all passenger doors and trunk. I have had the batteries...
  4. Remote Start Recommendations / Model and Installer

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Hello, I'm considering getting a remote start feature added to my '13 RL (RTL with Navi) - I'm torn between Car Toys or Best Buy for the actual installation piece - anyone have any recommendations? I did use Best Buy on my old 09 Ridgeline and didn't have any issues. However, having a recent...
  5. Python color remote start remote

    Trading Post
    I have a used, but in good condition remote for the python dei remote starter. It comes with the mini usb charger. Everthing works good. I had it on a 592, not sure what other systems it is compatable with.
  6. Battery in key remote

    1G Problems & Issues
    Struggling. Help. I have a 2007 Pilot, changing the battery in my key for the first time (both master keys have now quit on me). Got the battery cover off, no problems. Put in a M1616 (Maxell brand) instead of a CR1616. Did not work. Manual specifically refers to a CR1616. So I put that...
  7. Need help with missing ignition/alarm key

    Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions
    Hi everybody, I just purchased a used 2006 ridgeline from a private party that only came with the grey buttonless "valet" key. I need help/suggestions on how I can get a new key cut and programmed for less than the: $75.00 for the cut key from my local honda dealer parts dept.and $120.00 for...