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  1. 1G Exterior
    Wife backed the 2011 Ridgeline RT into a cedar tree and dented it pretty well. The swing latch isn't working and I tinkered with it enough to stop the warning chime from tripping intermittently. I'm a helluva time finding a replacement tailgate without going to a dealer or collision center. Any...
  2. 1G Exterior
    I was driving up the I-5 HWY north of Portland to Seattle with my family and out of the blue my Sunroof Glass exploded just as I was entering in to Washington. All of a sudden Boom and glass was every where. It was weird the hole is actually shaped like a fish. I'm wondering what could of...
  3. 1G Mobile Electronics
    I was able to find a Ridgeline at a salvage yard that had no damage to the cab. It has a Nav system and the salvage yard only wants a $100. They did hook it up and it did work. I it possible to replace my Stock "XM Ready" radio for a Honda OEM Nav system? How?
  4. 1G Under The Hood / Performance
    Last year, back in April 2008, I got an OEM engine air filter from H&A when I purchased my service manual. I put-off installing it and asked at my last state inspection in February of this year, that it be installed during my RL's "check-up" (I told them that it was in the trunk). Lo and behold...
1-4 of 4 Results