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  1. Upgrades for my RTL-T (lights, mats)

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Upgrades for my 2017 RTL-T (Purchased as new, dealer demo 5k miles, included Honda tri-fold tonneau cover and Pop-Lock tail gate lock.) Floor Covers I was very used to the factory rubber replacement floor covers that I had in my 2008 RTL, so I decided to use the same for the 2017. Purchased...
  2. How to install transistor on rear camera power line

    1G Mobile Electronics
    How to install resistor on rear camera power line This regards a previous post regarding a possible power surge when power is initially turned on for a rear camera. This could decrease the life expectancy of the camera. It was recommended to add a 8.2 ohm5% 1/4 resistor. The resistor I...