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  1. Retrax Pro Install

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Hi, Wanted to provide my experience installing a RetraxPro Mx on a 2018 Ridgeline. Summary - Not bad at all. The main Spiral canister and w/top was shipped in a carton, the main side rails in a carton and the specific side rails adapters for the Ridgeline in another carton. Assembly was...
  2. Retrax I question their loalty to Roc Members

    I question Retrax sponsors loalty to its ROC Members. Firstly dont ask for anita, shes long gone. Secondly it seams that its hard to pin down any dicounts to veterans, or police, or firefighters(non Roc Members) from what i gather their dealers listed below all offer the The Retrax Pro for...
  3. New RETRAX Website

    Hi ROC members! Check out the brand new Retrax website at! Thanks! Retrax Truck Bed Covers
  4. RETRAX Releases All New RetraxPRO!

    RETRAX is proud to introduce the all new RetraxPRO retractable pickup bed cover! All of the same great RETRAX technology but with a twist...all aluminum construction! This cover is made of heavy duty aluminum slats connected by durable and flexible thermoplastic elastomer seals. It glides on...
  5. RETRAX releases all new PROTRAX cover

    RETRAX announces the release of the all new PROTRAX Retractable Pickup Bed Cover. This unique cover is constructed of heavy duty aluminum slats, which are connected by flexible hinges to create a durable and weather tight seal. The cover also looks great; with its glossy black powder coated...
  6. I guess I have decided to get a Extang Solid Fold

    1G Accessories
    I have been pouring over this forum for days trying to decide which bed cover to get. First I tried to decide between Retrax and full metal jackrabbit, but i just can't decide to give up my bed space for the canister. I am try to work out of this truck doing Home Theater installations and not...
  7. Hello I have a retrax bed cover like new for sale in Chattanooga TN area.

    1G Accessories
    I have a like new retrax bed cover for sale in the chattanooga tennessee area, can't fit my atv in the bed with it on is the only reason I am selling it. want 800 for it, they are like 1200 new, but make me some offers and we can deal. also would trade for some aftermarket 22 inch wheels for my...