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  1. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Looking for recommendations for a Bluetooth retrofit kit to integrate with my 2007 Honda Ridgeline XTL OEM XM radio. I have seen some older units (e.g., PA15-HON2) but they have the older connector for iPod. Bluetooth seems like the best option, but unclear if it will work on the AUX radio unit...
  2. 1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Hey guys, I've been reading on here for a while and can't really find anything that satisfies what I'm looking for. I was wondering if it would be possible to retrofit someone else springs on a G1 Ridgeline RTL? I know Jeeps have long travel springs and shocks but from aftermarket companies...
  3. 1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Just wanted to share some pictures after adding projectors and led bar.. Let me know what you think?
1-3 of 3 Results