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  1. 2019 RTL-T AWD for Sale, Like New!

    Trading Post
    Hey everyone. I am kicking around the idea of selling my Ridgeline. I am looking to get the private party kbb value which is ~$33k. Its a ‘19 ryl-t in forest green. It only has 7100 miles on it and is in pristine like new condition. I tend to only keep a car a year or two and then get bored and...
  2. New RTL AWD

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    I just bought a new RTL AWD. Very difficult to find AWD here in Georgia. But I persevered and found exactly what I wanted at Nalley Honda in Brunswick Georgia -- they were great... A 650 mile round trip from Metro Atlanta. Left my *super* 2003 Pilot EX there, drove home in the new RTL AWD...