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running boards

  1. FS: Romik RAL-T Black Running Boards

    Trading Post
    Purchased these from another ROC member ~2 months ago. Had my friend in VA pick them up thinking I'd be able to get up there to pick them up from him. Haven't been able to get up there yet and don't see a trip coming in the near future, so trying to sell them so he doesn't have to keep them...
  2. 2017-18 Ridgeline Running Boards

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    I'm new to this forum, so please forgive me if this is already covered somewhere else. Can anyone with running boards already installed on a 2017-18 Ridgeline tell me if the running boards extend far enough out beyond the curve of the door to help protect against car door dings. This would...
  3. Running Boards and Tonneau Suggestions

    1G Accessories
    I have just "inherited" a 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL from my mother who passed away March 17th. Since 2005 I have driven a Toyota Tacoma and love it.....feel like it is only right to sell her and keep moms. It is in excellent condition but needs some accessories. Been looking at running...
  4. Running boards price help

    1G Accessories
    Looking to get a set of running boards for my 2010 RTS. Where can I get a good price and are they fairly simple to install? Our first child will be arriving in a few days and I'd like to get this done ASAP.
  5. New 07 RL Owner with Questions

    1G Problems & Issues
    I LOVE MY RIDGELINE. My first question is that I purchased Westin Gladiators Running boards but when I tried to install them I can not get the M8 1.25 pitch bolt started. Has anyone heard of this issue or know what is the correct bolt? My second question may sound strange but I'm wondering...
  6. Gladiator Runnig Boards

    1G Accessories
    Hi Guys, Found this great site for running boards and other accessories. I am interested in the Gladiator model, can anyone let me know if there are experiences on this model? :act035: Thanks
  7. Help, feedback on side steps?

    1G Exterior
    I am looking for feedback on the running boards/sidesteps for the ridgelines. I like the looks, but after trying some out, I am not sure if they are that useful. It seems that if i step on the bar, then it's awkward trying to standup before getting out of the cab. On the other hand, just...