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  1. 2G Photo Gallery
    Took the ‘21 Rtle to the beach with our ‘19 rockwood hw296 a couple weekends ago. Dry weight 3700#’s. Loaded I guessed around 4250#’s. Did great, about 15mpg (mostly highway speed 65-70mph) and brake controller had me confident in the safety of the whole rig. The beach we camped on had a soft...
  2. Washing / Waxing / Detailing
    So I was moving landscape rock from a neighbors garden, putting it in the bed and transplanting it to my yard. There was a good amount of sand and dirt mixed in with the rock. In that process, the tailgate was down (not swung open) and sand got inside the metal outside and plastic inside of the...
  3. Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    What's up guys? I'm like the most experienced but this guy I know just got a 2017 Ridgeline in January and is now down on vacation in Corolla, NC with his family . He's thinking about going out on the drive-on beach but is not sure how the G2 Ridgeline handles in sand. He did see where it was...
  4. Greetings & Introductions
    Just bought an '07 RTS. Drove Nissan Frontiers since '97. I'm really pleased with the move to the Ridgeline. Much more versatility than the frontier PLUS 4WD. I live in S. Texas and drive on the beach (Padre Island National Seashore) and was wondering about 4WD performance in sand. Thanks.
  5. Off-Roading
    How good are these Ridgelines in the sand? I got stuck on the beach in January and it took me almost an hour to get myself out. Granted the sand was pretty loose, but each summer I drive out on the beaches in Nantucket and my 07 RT always struggles. I have 20's on it which should help but...
  6. Off-Roading
    Took the RL to Cape Cod last weekend with a friend for 3 days. Of course had to go check out the beaches of the National Seashore, especially after reading about all the fun people have been having here with their trucks in the sand. We got a 7 day permit and spent a few hours just driving...
  7. Off-Roading
    hi, anyone got any photos or video of their RLs Off-Road? that's my first one. I've had mine about 6 mos and have enjoyed it's Off Road capabilities and manners. BTW, it's a 07 RTX.
  8. Off-Roading
    Anyone had any luck driving the Ridgeline on the beaches in Delaware? I've seen many posts with various degrees of success with the Ridgeline in sand, and was wondering how people faired in my neck of the woods. - Is the ground clearance enough? - does everyone pull the VSA fuse? - do the...
1-8 of 8 Results