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  1. Rear Window Screen as shown... Anyidea Where I can get One?

    1G Accessories Would like to find one of these for my truck... anyone else found them. I would have said it was custom built, but I found several on line photos of different trucks with them in place. Thanks
  2. Flat black bug shield

    1G Exterior
    So I bought westin/wade platinum series bug shield the other day and decided to modify it a bit before installing it. I sanded it down with 320 grit, then painted it with flat black exterior paint. Then I installed small bolts/nuts every 8" across the top to give it a more custom look. I...
  3. I'm New-Need Advice on a bug deflector

    1G Accessories
    Hi All, I am new and would like advice on a good bug deflector can anyone recommend a good one also are their any GB going on?