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  1. Trading Post
    Brand New in Box, never opened. Part # 08L33-T6Z-101B $550 with free shipping
  2. Trading Post
    picked up a used Ridgeline and it cam with a retraxone tonneau cover . looks awesome but i have no use to lock stuff upin the bed . simple install all hardware included expect locks . the dealer lost the key and had to drill them out . any locksmith should be able to put a cylinder in them for...
  3. 1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Has anyone ever had any kind of difficulty installing side step brackets to the frame of the truck. I just got the new side steps in yesterday and will install them this weekend. My only concern is the frame holes where the brackets will be mounted. I have a 2012, and the years of winter and...
  4. 1G Accessories
    Can anybody out there recommend a mechanic in the southern NH area that I can go to have a bull bar with lights and side steps installed. Thanks
  5. 1G Exterior
    Just bought my black side steps College Hills Honda Black Friday free shipping special $334 plus free shipping. :act035:
  6. 1G Exterior
    Hey guys this is my first post. I just purchased a 2006 rtl two months ago and my hunter bull bar just came in the mail so i was wondering what lights have you guys used for this bar. I plan on just knocking out the bars and lights all at once thanks :act030:
  7. 1G Exterior
    I am looking for feedback on the running boards/sidesteps for the ridgelines. I like the looks, but after trying some out, I am not sure if they are that useful. It seems that if i step on the bar, then it's awkward trying to standup before getting out of the cab. On the other hand, just...
1-7 of 7 Results