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  1. Clicking sound, but no start, 2006 Ridgeline

    1G Problems & Issues
    2006 Ridgeline, ~300k miles, borrowed by son, calls to tell me it won't start. I pull battery and it's dead. Tests good, recharge, and replace terminals because they were old anyway, so I figured a bad connection didn't let it charge. Alternator replaced 2 years ago. Still won't start, all I...
  2. Start issues connected to power windows.

    First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    This has happen to me twice and I never knew the issue till I tried different combinations. How to reproduce While the car is running, lower down driver side window Open driver side door Roll up the window Turn of the car Try to restart it - It clicks but fails to crank Workaround Lower one...
  3. Intermittent Starting Issue

    1G Problems & Issues
    I replaced my battery after noticing a decent amount of corrosion on the + terminal and it was having a hard time turning over (was also 4 years old) since then I have this strange issue where sometimes, after driving it and it sitting for a while, the car wont start. It sunder like the starter...
  4. 2006 rtl slow crank new battery

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hi all. I have a 2006 Rtl 212,000 miles. Motor blew, cam spun, pistons lost compression when front cat convertor clogged completly Mechanic Installed used motor, 70k miles on it. New water pump, new tensioner, new front and rear main seals. New timing belt and gear wheel. New spark plugs...
  5. Slow start, now no start plus white smoke

    1G Problems & Issues
    For a couple weeks my 2006 Ridgeline was "slow" to start (1 second hesitation, followed by a 1 second slow turn, then fully kicked in). Replaced battery. Same thing. Took it to dealer. Got the dreaded "could not duplicate" despite having demonstrated it right in front of the service manager...