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  1. 2G Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation
    Call/email/facebook ask iDatalink Maestro to support our Hondas. They havent updated the support since 2018. iDatalinkMaestro Why you ask? Have full engine specs and guages on your aftermarket stereo screen. I added Kenwoods DMX906S and love the wireless...
  2. Trading Post
    Recently changed out my stock stero/nav system for a CarPlay (which I can't say that I love) and need a new home for my old system. Perfect condition. Make me an offer. You pay shipping. I live in Northern California. You can call or text at 707-486-0865
  3. 1G Mobile Electronics
    I just installed the Hertz EBX F20.5 Subwoofer as a replacement to the OEM one behind the seat. I already had the other speakers upgraded and an amp installed so this was the easy part. The main reason for writing this is that this Hertz unit fit in the same space as the OEM subwoofer of my...
  4. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, looking to replace my stereo with a new double din head unit. I cam across this one (see below link). It seems to have everything that I am looking for. DVD, CD, MP3, GPS, ability to hook up a back up camera, ect. I was wondering what the Ridgeline world thinks about it...
  5. First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a 2011 Ridgeline RTL/ Navi and can't wait to get everything tuned to exactly the way I like it. What I would like however, is a USB port that will allow me to control an ipod/ iphone from my steering wheel without sacrificing audio quality. I've read...
  6. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I recently installed a Pioneer 4100NEX headunit in my 06 Ridgeline (RTL, no nav, no sub). Was watching a video on how to replace the speakers in the doors and it didn't look too bad, so thought I'd take a crack at that as well. (I like to tinker and learn new things as I go) The video...
  7. 1G Mobile Electronics
    I am really looking for a Ridgeline, ROC, or Honda logo type of wallpaper so I can use on my new Pioneer AVH- X8500BHS Does anyone have some cool Honda Ridgeline background pics for their car stereo?
  8. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Hi guys, Over the course of a few months, the CD, AM/FM, and AUX buttons on the head unit of my 2006 RTS broke/got stuck after pushing on them. This is unfortunate, because the entire HU no longer functions, except for the Power and Volume control(s), as well as controls on the steering wheel...
  9. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Hi, recently installed new 4 channel, Jensen amp to existing head unit. wired LOC right off unit to minimize any noise from wires. Used thick RCA cables from LOC to Amp. Installed 2 sets of Kenwood speakers. As soon as any volume, (01) is applied, I get a lot of white noise, (not engine)...
  10. 1G Interior
    Hello everybody, after weeks of reading the forums I finally decided to become a member! Okay, so here's my question. I have an '06 RTS and I want to replace the stereo with a Pioneer DEH-4400HD mainly for the AUX and USB functionalities. But I am happy with the factory speakers and sub...
  11. 1G Mobile Electronics
    I figured it was about time to join the forum, seeing how I am on my second RL. I installed an aftermarket GPS head unit (Pioneer), and I had the option of choosing my own start-up splash screen. Well, I decided to use Honda's OEM Navi screen and personalize it for the Ridgeline. I figured I...
  12. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Hi all, First off just wanted to say, these forums are awesome and there is a lot of valuable information here. Thanks to all. Second, I'm very inexperienced with vehicles so explanations are best spoke in a beginners language. I just bought a 2006 EX-L (Canada) I don't know which model that...
  13. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Has anyone installed one? how hard was it and how much did it cost?
  14. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone know the color codes for a 06 Ridge? I am looking for which wires on factory speakers are the pos and neg. Thanks
  15. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Trying to find out if anyone has the qlogic box with two 10s installed. curious on sound and quality.
  16. 1G Problems & Issues
    I have a Honda Ridgeline RTL vin# 2HJYK16536H554042. I'm too lazy to pull the stereo out again to look at the serial number. Can anyone help with just the vin?
  17. Trading Post
    I have two sets of 6032's with the adapter rings and honda wire adapters for sale. I paid $53/set for the speakers, $14.99/set for the adapters and $12 for the wires. They are less then a year old and in exc. condition. The rear adapters have one ear cut off to fit the shape of the rear doors...
  18. 1G Problems & Issues
    I have owned my 06 ridgeline RTS since January of 2011. It has about 115k miles on it and I just did a tune up and replaced the spark plugs, water pump, serpentine belt, and the timing belt and timing belt components. I had my mechanic look at the AC because it would only blow hot air out. I...
  19. 1G Mobile Electronics
    You might think I'm crazy for wanting to do this but I'm running into a few problems with stock setup... The cd changer has the skipping when it's cold problem, and the stereo has begun to clip at louder volumes when used with either the aux input or the cd player. The first problem I can deal...
  20. 1G Mobile Electronics
    -----thread deleted-----
1-20 of 24 Results